How do you avoid crowds when you live in a refugee camp

How do you quarantine when you share a tent of 3 square metres with 5 to 6 people

How do you wash your hands when there is one tap for 1300+ people and no soap?

How do you keep distance when you stand in a crowded line for hours to get food?

How do you follow hygiene measures when you share one toilet with 80 people, and one shower with 180 people?

For refugees living in the Moria camp, self-quarantine or social-distancing is not an option. 

Filmed by refugee women living in the Moria camp, Lesbos – Greece

20,000 refugees live in a camp built for 3,000 in the most squalid conditions in Lesbos, Greece.  The Azadi Project is raising funds to send hygiene kits to refugee women in Moria. We are working with partners on the ground to procure and distribute the essentials to refugees at the earliest. 

With just $35 you will be helping one refugee woman and her family, follow hygiene rules and take the necessary steps to prevent themselves from getting infected. Each hygiene kit costs $35 and contains soaps, disinfectant alcohol wipes, sanitary pads and masks.


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