2022 was special for us but we are excited for what 2023 will bring! 

2022 was special since we were able to support women for refugee and marginalized communities from Europe to South Asia. We are grateful to all our partners, donors and grantors. We are also very proud of the impact our work has had in the lives of refugee women and communities. In 2023 we remain committed to our goal of supporting and benefitting women from marginalized and refugee communities through our programs.

? In 2022, we focussed more on providing psychosocial support to women refugees whose mental health conditions were exacerbated by war and the pandemic.

1. We conducted group and one-on-one psychosocial support sessions for almost 50 Ukrainian women refugees currently in Poland.

2. We increased awareness about gender-based violence and child marriage among 300 Rohingya refugee women and men in India through workshops and door-to-door sensitization.

3. We trained women refugees to take on leadership roles, and hired Ukrainian and Rohingya women in critical positions for our programs. 

4. In June 2022, we partnered with the Nobel Women’s Initiative to host three women Nobel laureates in Poland on World Refugee Day to raise awareness about the condition of Ukrainian women refugees and local feminist organizations.

5. And ended the year by hosting India’s first comprehensive event on refugees in partnership with Rethinking Refugees. 

 In 2023, we remain committed to supporting women from refugee and marginalized communities – to access their rights, focus on their mental wellbeing, and learn livelihood and leadership skills that will help them become employable.

The Azadi Project in partnership with the Libra Group Social Responsibility Team will launch the Libra-Azadi fellowship in 2023 to provide employability skills and career-internships to a cohort of 10 fellows, mostly women in India. The fellows; a group of women and youth from refugee and marginalized communities in India, through online and in-person training and industry internships will be assisted to enter the workforce and will be transformed into leaders who can inspire others in their community.

The Fellowship will aim –

1. To provide employability and leadership skills to women and youth from refugee and marginalized communities who face intersectional biases.

2. To be a career-springboard for the fellows by providing them internship/employment opportunities in the industry of their choice.

3. To contribute to having a higher representation of women from marginalized and refugee communities in the global workforce.

4. To nurture women and youth leaders who in turn can become community leaders and can inspire their communities and others to encourage more participation of marginalized women and youth in skilled labor workforce and leadership roles.

If you’d like to be a part of our efforts in 2023 and through your work have direct impact, then JOIN THE AZADI MOVEMENT.







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