“I have always made difficult easy”, meet Bahareh

Meet Bahareh from Afghanistan

“I have always made difficult easy.” says Bahareh as she scripts her life in this short film produced at The Azadi Workshop in Athens. Bahareh is an Afghan refugee and wants to be a female pilot. She has nurtured this dream for long and is all set to make her dream a reality.

Bahareh wants to be a pilot. Her dream is to go to flight school in America. She was recently accepted into flight controller school [in Greece]. At Azadi, she was very excited to learn new video editing and ways to tell her story. During the workshop, the Azadi team helped Bahareh with her application for a digital coding course at the Social Hackers Academy in Athens. She was accepted for a 6-month long web development course at their coding school, that she currently attends.

Bahareh was born in and raised in Iran, but still considers herself to be from Afghanistan. She has been in Greece for 3 years and has attended international school for 2 years. Bahareh has been given a Greek asylum passport. She speaks Farsi, Greek and English.

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