Mahboubeh, 33, Iran

“In my country you can be shot dead for free speech” – Mahboubeh says that this is the first time she has spoken on camera without any fear. Through her film that she produced in the Azadi workshop, she wants to send a message that despite being a refugee in a new country one can be successful like her. As food is the easiest way to bring people together and build bridges, Mahboubeh is an excellent chef and cooks for other refugees like her at shelters and at festivals.

Mahboubeh’s film is about her potential success in Greece. How, in a country where she doesn’t even know the language, she has been able to progress. Despite the hardships that many speak about in Greece, Mahboubeh feels she has found success. Using the skills she learnt at the Azadi workshop, Mahboubeh is already making her second film on what ‘freedom’ and ‘captivity’ means to refugees.

Mahboubeh lives with her husband in Athens. Her family is in Tehran. She feels her friends give her the support she needs to be successful in life. Mahboubeh has been in Athens for three years. Her past was a hard situation that she preferred not to share. Before she came to Athens she managed a community and sport center. In Athens Mahboubeh works for Home Protégé, one of the local refugee organizations, as a cook in one of the local shelters, 4 days per week.