Farahnaz, 24, Afghanistan

Farahnaz is a mother of two and fled Afghanistan while she was pregnant and had a little child. Today she is the sole earning member of her family. She is not only educating her children but also herself to do professionally better in life. She produced this film at the Azadi workshop to tell people that a woman can achieve her goals even without the support of a man through strength, determination and patience in life.

Next to her family, education is the most important thing for Farahnaz in life. So she wants to learn as much as possible for her own and her kids’ future. Her video is based on the ability of women to be independent and strong. She wanted to make the video because many women [refugees] who split with their husbands, “feel that life is difficult.” “Of course, life is difficult,” she says, “but we have to be strong and we have to have hope for the future.”

Farahnaz feels strained to live in Greece because life is difficult. She is working as a caregiver. Her husband is unemployed and despite the help they receive, they find it very hard to get by. For the time being, Farahnaz plans to stay in Greece, because this is where her passport is from, and if she goes anywhere else “they will send her back.” Her dream was to go to America. Being stuck leaves her with a sense of “despair.”

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