Sakina, 17, Afghanistan

Sakina chooses the word ‘confident’ “because she says if you have confidence, you can do anything you want. Through her film at the Azadi workshop she wants to tell the world that she is a lot more than just the word ‘refugee’. Sakina was born a refugee in Iran and struggled with the stigma and labels attached to being a refugee all her life. Having found peace in Greece, she refused to move to Germany with her family and stayed back in Athens to finish her school here and build a new life. She says, her newly found identity in Greece gives her confidence.

Sakina made this film at the Azadi workshop to tell the world that she is so much more than just a refugee. She plans to live in Greece, but would like to go England for University. She has another 3 or 4 years, alone, in Athens, before it is time.

Sakina is from Afghanistan but was born in Iran and grew up there. Sakina was a tailor in Iran and didn’t go to school beyond primary education. She worked from 8am – 8Pm. Sakina now lives by herself in an apartment in Athens. Much of her family, three sisters and two brothers and her parents are in a camp in Hamburg, Germany. She is currently enrolled in the third year of high school at the Greek school. She speaks Farsi, English and Greek.