Nour, 16, Palestine

“Everything will pass – because I’m strong!” Nour is a refugee from Palestine. She was born in Lebanon and even though she has never been to Palestine she says she can feel Palestine in her blood. Nour took the Azadi workshop to learn filmmaking to start her own YouTube channel where she wants to highlight stories like her own. This is her first film and she is very proud of it. After the Azadi workshop, Nour started her own youtube channel.

Nour is excited to learn new things. She wanted to learn the camera, because she was determined to start her own Youtube channel. Once she turns 18 she says, “I will for sure have my papers, so I want to travel, share my story and help people. You don’t have to have money to help them.” While Nour was in Lesbos she was teaching other refugee children how to dance and have parties. She looks forward to travelling and sharing her pictures from the world.

Her mother wants to stay in Greece, because she has her papers, speaks a little Greek, and is employed. Her father would like to go to Belgium because he has relatives there. She is not sure what the outcome will be and is uncertain, because she would need to learn another language, and it will take another year, how she feels about a move.

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