Narges, 22, Afghanistan

I don’t want to be a writer, I don’t want to be an engineer. I want to be both.” Narges says she was born a refugee yet that has not stopped her from striving for her ambitions. Ambition is the word Narges identifies with the most. 

Narges had finished one year of university studies in civil engineering, before her family left Iran and came to Greece. She studied civil engineering because she has liked math from childhood. Narges paid her college tuition with earnings from a women’s clothing and jewelry shop that she opened in Tehran. The Azadi Project helped Narges with her application to for a digital coding course at the Social Hackers Academy coding school. She is now learning coding and also working on her first own book.

One of Narges’ brothers was shot dead during the war in Afghanistan. This prompted her family to flee from Afghanistan to Iran. Her youngest brother is in Germany, whom she would like to be united with. In Iran, she was not accepted. Narges was made to leave Iran and get a [student] visa in Afghanistan, even though she was born and had lived in Iran. After one year of university, she was told to go back to Afghanistan to finish university, yet she did not feel she could because of the security situation in that country. These difficulties were part of her reasons for leaving Iran.

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