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  • Fundraiser: Refugee Mental Health

    Fundraiser: Refugee Mental Health

    AZADI’S FUNDRAISER TO PROVIDE MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT TO REFUGEES On Mental Health Day, Azadi is making sure that mental health support for refugee and asylum seekers is visible through an expert-led webinar and a special fundraiser. Azadi is working with partners on the ground to try and provide mental health and psychosocial support to refugee…

  • “Whatever the country, I can make a life there”

    “Whatever the country, I can make a life there”

    Meet Sedighe Abbasi – a refugee woman and program facilitator for The Azadi Project’s support group sessions held in Lesvos. Written by Jenny Barruol, interview by Annachiara Ruzzetta June 12, 2021 LESVOS, GREECE: I met Sedighe Abbasi for the first time during an Azadi group session inMytilini. It was my first day working for The…