** Due to the Containment Measures around Covid 19 introduced by the Greek government on March 13, classes are suspended until further notice** 

In cooperation with the Social Hackers Academy, Athens’ first tech education school for vulnerable groups, The Azadi Project is piloting a Digital Integration Class for refugee women. 

The Need

As digitisation speeds up, demand for digital skills grows. Women need adequate training to be enabled for participation in the digital economy and society. According to the latest DESI report, Greece has the lowest share among employed ICT specialists in Europe. Moreover, only 10.9% of employees in the IT sector are women. Socially vulnerable groups face an ever greater risk of being excluded from this tech revolution. Therefore, It is crucial that adequate programs are offered, until structural reforms progresses. With EMPOW(H)ER, The Social Hackers Academy and The Azadi Project are aiming to bridge that gap. 

Our Answer

Empow(h)er is a vocational computer literacy and web development course, specifically designed for refugee and migrant women between 16 and 45 years of age. Empow(h)er aims to take 25-30 beneficiaries from the beginner level to a proficient level in 25 weeks. The course will focus on comprehensive IT training, web development and multimedia storytelling and is free for all refugee and migrant women. At the end of the program the women will be connected to local employers for potential internships and job opportunities, facilitating their integration into the labor market and the host community. 

Our participants during the workshop

Our partnersClasses happen at the premises of Social Hackers Academy, the first tech education school for vulnerable groups in Athens, Greece. Established in 2017 as a Greek NGO, Social Hackers Academy’s mission is to empower vulnerable groups by providing equal opportunities for IT education and employment.