Contribute to Azadi and make an impact to refugee women’s lives

If you believe in Azadi and the work we are doing, we will welcome your support. You can make your contribution by donating here –

Given the current emergency situation because of COVID-19, a part of all donations we receive will be utilized for providing “hygiene kits” – (masks, gloves, soaps, sanitizers) to 10,000 refugee women in the Moria camp in Lesbos, Greece.

20,000 refugees live in the Moria camp built for 3000 in the most squalid conditions. One toilet for 80+ people, one water tap for a 1000 people. The fear of the covid-19 pandemic is real there. If anyone were to get infected here it would be lethal.

Azadi will also welcome used equipment. During our workshops we use cameras, laptops, tablets, and other technological material which is used by our participants to gain story-telling and digital skills. Send us an email if you want to contribute here: