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18 May 2023

Shadow of Refuge:
Rohingya Refugees in India

The Rohingya of Myanmar have been among the most persecuted people in the world. Genocidal attacks at the hands of the Myanmar military starting in August 2017 caused more than 770,000 Rohingya to flee. The challenges …

28 October 2022

Shining the spotlight on mental health, especially during a crisis

We’ve been busy, and in a good way! Over the last couple of months, we have been continuing to make a greater impact in the field of gender equality. Our interventions have helped empower Ukrainian refugee women currently …

28 October 2022

2022 was special for us but we are
excited for what 2023 will bring!

2022 was special since we were able to support women for refugee and marginalized communities from Europe to South Asia. We are grateful to all our partners, donors and grantors.We are also very proud of the impact our…

28 October 2022

Celebrating Refugee Women of the Moria Camp and their Resilience #IWD2020

The Azadi Project travelled to Lesbos Island in Greece for two weeks in February, with a workshop to empower women from the Moria refugee camp to use 21 st century digital skills in order to tell their own stories…

28 October 2022

For the cost of a meal, you can help Ukrainian refugee women access critical mental health support

We often hear how war and conflicts disproportionately impact women and girls and the numerous obstacles they face. War impacts everyone, however with social communities and networks broken down and existing inequalities…

October 12, 2020

SURVIVING GENOCIDE – Stories of Rohingya and Holocaust survivors

Nazi Germany and modern-day Myanmar may seem worlds apart, but the notion of ethnic and racial superiority, which underscores genocidal violence, is the same. Whether a survivor speaks Yiddish or Rohingya…

28 October 2022


Alex Kor is the son of not one, but two European Jewish Holocaust survivors. Alex is a doctor in Indiana, where he was raised. Being the son of two survivors imbues him with an obvious yet unspoken sense of compassion and wisdom….

November 2020


Saputara, is a 19 year old woman currently living in the Kalindi Kunj camp in New Delhi, India. I spoke with her on the telephone via her husband Halal, a 23 year old Rohingya man whom she met at the camp. …

November 2020


“I think I’ll need to change my name if I ever get to the US. It may frighten people,” was the first thing fourteen-year-old Jihad said to me. As an unaccompanied minor, his name was his only remaining connection to his parents and former …

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