The Azadi Project

Our Stories

Biba’s path to power

“All I am asking for is an equal and fair chance for everyone.”

Watch Biba’s story a single mother of five in Niger who wants a better future 

for the next generation.

Mahboubeh and the
power of food

Mahboubeh is a passionate chef who frequently makes headlines in Greece as an activist for women’s rights and as a cook for homeless people.

Farahnaz’s story

Meet Farahnaz who navigates her days between working as a caregiver, volunteering for other refugees, taking care of her family and studying on the side.

Fariba and her power to
keep pushing

Creating fashion, clothes and art from dinghys previously used to help refugees cross the Mediterranean.

Nargis’ goals

A Civil Engineering who also dream about becoming a journalist. She say
“I don’t want to be writer or Engineer, I want to be both of them.”

Nour’s force

A young Palestinian born in Lebanon, Nour is full of optimism “Everything will pass, because I am strong.” Since Azadi, Nour has started her own youtube channel.

Sakina’s path

Learn about Sakina’s path from Afghanistan, through Iran, Greece and Germany to become a lawyer.

Meet our heroes

Fariba, a doctor in
the making

Fariba studied medicine in Afghanistan and wants to become a doctor. Having experienced violence all her life, Fariba made her way to Greece with her younger brother. Although she continues to be exposed and retraumatized through violence in Moria camp, Fariba displays an amazing amount of resilience in the way that she takes care of her brother, and they way she wants to improve women’s rights, shedding light on refugees’ reality in camps as an Azadi filmmaker

Latifeh’s path to an education

Latifeh is the oldest of six siblings, and since they lost their father at a young age, she had to work in a rug factory to provide for the family when she was 6 years old. Having lived as a refugee in Iran, she never went to school but still dreams of being a physician. Latifeh is hoping to be finally able to go to school in Europe.