What is Azadi?

The Azadi Project’s mission is to enhance refugee women and girls’ voice and agency through skills training, facilitating the creation of livelihoods beyond the borders where they come from and where they currently reside.  

Azadi trains refugee women and girls in digital storytelling providing them the skills to access employment opportunities, empowering them to pursue livelihoods and demonstrate their capacity to their host communities. 

Azadi also works with refugee women to overcome their immediate challenges during their asylum-seeking process by facilitating mental health awareness workshops and hygiene management in refugee camps.

Azadi means freedom or liberation in Hindi, Urdu and Farsi.

Azadi is based on the principles of freedom, integration and dignity and promotes refugee and gender rights.

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Our stories

Learn the stories from the participants in our workshops. Learn from their journeys searching for a better livelihood told by themselves.

Sakineh’s long struggle for identity

Nour wants to share her optimism with other refugees

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Learn about our work from the Middle East to Sub-Saharan Africa. Our workshops keep impacting people across borders, nationalities and ethnicities.

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“It’s important that you as the people who are affected, as the actual refugees, are empowered yourself. I really welcome this initiative started by The Azadi Project.”

Melissa Fleming, United Nations Chief Spokesperson